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Available on Kindle : The Edupreneurial Pivot in English

We were working on the English version of the Edupreneurial Pivot when the covid19 crisis broke out. We quickly realized that this crisis is the first real VUCA exposure for the current education system, and that the Edupreneurial Pivot was the way to go. In April 2019, Andreas Schleicher aknowledged directly the important onf the Entreprneurial Mindset for schools: "In fact, if we don’t see systems encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit in their teachers, many countries will be seen to fail miserably."  


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Becoming a comedian

Published on March 28th 2019

The book launch of our new book "Edupreneurial Pivot" took place in front of our 50 guests at Business School Lausanne on April 9th 2019. Published on March 28th 2019, "Edupreneurial Pivot" is available in bookshops in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Quebec. It is also available online. More info on

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