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CEO Lemania Swiss Group of Schools

Transforma-tion of the Education System

With Dr. Dominique Bourqui, we have developed a new approach to transforming the education with an Entrepreneurial mindset adapted to educators the Edupreneurial Mindset.


2019 Edupreneurial Pivot

2016 Ovide veut parler

2002 Ce que j’ai oublié d’y mettre

Entrepreneurial Mindset

I am currently writing a book on this topic with my co-author Dr. Dominique Bourqui. Our aim is to provide a new approach of the field based on an easy-to-grasp description of the form of the entrepreneurial actions.


I believe all humans are brothers

I want to keep my eyes open on the silent poetry in our lives

I believe in the power of Education and in access to quality Education for all

I consider Entrepreneurial Mindset as the most powerful means to reach global impact and transform the world we are living in 

I want to make a contribution to the achievement of UN Sustainable Development Goals



Ph.D. in Literature

University of Fribourg


My scope of research includes questions such as artistic creativity, interculturality, translation, and linguistics.

Innovative minds

On Twenty-One, The Podcast on 21st-Century Education I receive the Edupreneurial Minds that change education. The conversations with my guests are a great opportunity for me to bridge my research on creativity and the real stories of innovators.

  • By helping shaping the future of the education system to ensure relevant and effective learning outcomes

  • By helping shaping the future of the education system to increase the number of students who have relevant skills for business and entrepreneurship

  • By helping closing the gender gap in education and higher education

Working Languages
Main Pro Bono Activities
  • English

  • French

  • Getting people together in the organizations I am responsible for

  • Empowering educators by developing their Edupreneurial Mindset

  • Designing efficient and sustainable Education Systems

  • Helping Edupreneurial Minds to be heard

  • Bridging the worlds of Technology and Education through EdTech

  • Building a community of 21s-Century edupreneurial educators

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